A Week Well Lived

My soul was able to breathe deep this week. We had our first major snowfall for the year on Monday night and for people who live out in ‘no-man’s land’ large dollops of snow mean that you have to stay home. Depending on the magnitude of the storm, you could be looking at being forced to stay home for a few days. I love those days.

We could have ventured out two days after this snowfall but my inner-being begged for one extra day and who am I to say ‘no’ to that.

So we lived slow this week.

I loved it. I am a champion for all things slow.

Let me share some of the ‘slow’ things we did this week:

We made gluten free brownies using black beans for the main indgredient (these are crazy delicious! Who knew that black beans had the capability to do this to brownies?)

We read a delightful picture book about Roger Tory Peterson and then proceeded to sketch pictures of birds.

We sketched even more pictures of birds using our field guides as help. Tessa is now on a bird sketching kick. I am loving this!

We have had tea time three afternoons this week. Three times! We used our fancy china, black maple tea, hot chocolate, special snacks and the slowness descended. The only requirement for our time together was to share one thing that was learned during the day. It was fun to hear all that was learned and reassuring to hear that there actually was something learned.

This was a week to breathe slow, to appreciate the simple and live it well.

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