Changing Things Up

June 2016 will mark the 10th anniversary of my stint as a blog writer. Crazy, isn’t it? This little blog has been swathed in anonymity. I have often wondered why that is. I think it is because I do not think of this blog as my job. I am not willing to push this little piece of my world out into the public domain. I am not willing to do all that is required to make the blog splashy and relevant to this technological age. I do not plaster my posts with pictures, it is mostly a word blog. I do not send out newsletters. I do not have an email list. I don’t do periscope. In essence, I am not a flashy, splashy blogger.

I just write. And think.

I write out my thoughts, my processes when I am attempting to understand things. This blog has helped me a great deal when I have wrestled with Classical Education and what exactly it was and wasn’t.

This little corner of the world has mostly been about homeschooling, with books and faith sprinkled around the edges. But now that my kids are in high school and my home educating years are waning (only 5 more years!) I don’t have that much to talk about homeschool-wise. I think that there will still be some homeschool posts spattered about here and there because that is still my reality. in the future, though, it will not be the core of my writing. I need to branch out in anonymity in other areas.

I have a need to write about things that I have been wrestling with lately. These wrestling sessions have been spiritually based. I am finding myself questioning things in my faith. These questions do not lay outside of my Christianity. My faith in Christ is as strong if not stronger than it has ever been but I am finding that things I was taught when I first became a Christian just might not be biblical. My misunderstandings of certain issues are a result of human error, not God error. I have a strong need to read my way through these questionings and an equally strong need to write about it. I am hoping that in writing about my queries, truth will be discovered.

After 10 years, well, it is time for a change. It will be a slight change but a change nonetheless.

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One Response to Changing Things Up

  1. Good, beautiful and true says:

    I have come to blogging for many of the same reasons. Stretching and seeking in my faith, exploring homeschool, and just the need to process thoughts about life in general. I’m glad to have found your blog and looks forward to exploring it more. You have a new follower:)

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