2016 is already showing itself to be a year of wonder, growing and becoming. A lot has been happening here in the last month and a half. I have been molded and changed in a few areas, areas that were begging for those changes. I am in awe at how God has been moving, how He has been molding my soul to be more in tune with His plans.

One area that has been molded by His hand is that of Sabbath. Don’t you just love the sound of that word? Just saying the word makes my heart smile and sigh in comfort. Sabbath is a word that invites rest and a slowing down. Even though I love the word, it has taken me quite awhile to actually embrace it and live it out. For many years I would hear about Sabbath, feel that maybe I should look more into it and then do an about face and merrily go about my way in the opposite direction. I don’t know why it took me so long to say yes to it, maybe it was the legalistic characteristics that I attached to it.

Sabbath, to me, was more of a ‘what not to do’ day than anything spiritual. The stubborn child in me does not like to be told not what to do but, rather, appreciates the telling of what I can do. I think that was the turning point for me. I was listening to the podcast, Sorta Awesome, (everything boils down to a podcast these days) last month and they were discussing Sabbath. Their discussion was more of a ‘all of the things that you can do’ rather than the things your couldn’t. The way it was explained on the podcast was that if you view an activity as a thing that you have to do then don’t do it on the Sabbath. But if you view that activity as something that you want to do, something that excites your being and fills your soul, then do it. That intrigued me! That take on Sabbath pushed me to the starting line and, for the last five weeks, I have actually been practising the art of Sabbath.

And it has filled my soul to overflowing.

I want to talk more about Sabbath so I think I will leave it for future posts but I do want to give snippets of some of my Sabbaths to give an idea of what can be done.

Most of our Sabbaths start with spending the morning in church but the afternoons have changed every week, depending on my mood and desires. One Sunday, I made muffins and other baked goods because baking comforts me, baking is something that I love to do. Another Sunday introduced me to the art of bible journaling (oh my goodness! That has filled my spirit in ways that I didn’t think possible.) Then there was the Sunday where spent most of my day reading God’s word and practising what I was learning about Bible Journaling. Last Sunday, Valentine’s Day, saw my Beloved and myself meet with friends for a meal at a restaurant. We haven’t seen these friends for a very long time so it was wonderful to catch up and just talk about all that has been happening in our lives.

Sabbath has become, not of a day of limiting, but a day of possibility. A day where I can rest and relax and in that resting I can ponder and give thanks for the goodness of my Saviour.

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