Coming Out of the Shadows

It has been awhile since I have darkened this doorpost.  I have been filling my mind and soul with new thoughts and ideas and this little corner of the world has always been my favorite place to unload those thoughts and ideas…so here I am…to unload.

We became the recipient of a new laptop. New laptops translate into huge learning curves for mom.  This laptop is worlds different than our earlier laptop because this one is a 2 in 1 laptop.  People!!!  I didn’t even know that existed!  That says a lot about my electronical knowledge.  So I have been playing around with this beast and have finally decided to come to this space and see if I can resurrect it in some form.

But, oh my goodness! everything has changed.  I don’t know if it is the laptop, Windows 10 or the site itself but everything has changed!   This is like a totally different space!  So I will need to re-acquaint myself with all of the doo-dads here.  You probably figured it out already but I am not good electronics.  They cause me great angst.

Anywho, I am hoping to to come back soon and write out my thoughts about reading as a spiritual practice,  reading Awakening Wonder by Stephen Turley, and dealing with the oncoming last school year of my oldest.  Eeeek!  This coming year will be her last year!  Her last year!  That brings up so many conflicting emotions.  Emotions that beg to blogged about.

It’s nice to be back here.  The surface of things looks different but the atmosphere is the same.

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