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February Frivolity

February seems to be the month where, if school is going to go off the rails, it is going to be this month. I don’t know why but this month always seems to be home for discouragement, depression and disillusionment … Continue reading

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When Life is Hard

Two weeks ago, an extended family member was murdered. How’s that for surreal? we knew that she had an unhappy home life but we had no idea that it was as bad as it was. That discovery has forced us … Continue reading

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I accidentally found them on the ground, skipping along through a damp spot on the driveway. I just about walked through them while my mind was bouncing across my thoughts of the day. I was mentally with some family members … Continue reading

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Down by the Creek

I only have one child this week. There was a time when I thought having one child to take care of would be like a holiday, a respite from the normal, but I don’t think that any more. Having only … Continue reading

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Our First Full Week of Summer

Last week was our first full week of summer. We didn’t have school, didn’t have appointments and didn’t have extra-curricular activities. All we had was time to just be. This past week was glorious. Emma left on Monday for camp. … Continue reading

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Summer Refreshing

In the past summer has always been a time of contemplating and refreshing for the year ahead. There have seemed to be themes connected to these summer ponderings, themes that make my inner geek erupt into a happy dance. Two … Continue reading

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Finding Altars in the Strangest Places

Last week I posted words written by Barbara Brown Taylor about finding altars of remembrance in our every day doings. Those words have stuck with me throughout the week. They have caused me to ponder on altars of the past … Continue reading

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